Research Interest

PhD Research

My PhD (manuscript here) was focused on the discrete-time version of sliding mode control, a well-known technique in the field. The term discrete-time refers here to the case when the control input (or action) changes only at some discrete time instants. The other type of controller is said to be continuous-time if the control input can change at any time instant, with no frequency constraint. The latter case is usually the one used in Control Theory, whereas the former is used almost for every implementation. Indeed, when a microcontroller is used to compute the control input, its value can only change at a given frequency. This topic is of paramount important given the ubiquity of microcontrollers in applications.

The main contribution of this research effort is the use of an implicit discretization instead of an explicit one. If you are interested in knowing more about the difference between the two methods, see this wiki page.

During my PhD, I made some contributions in the three domains of Automatic Control